You've had your design idea, and need to get it written down.  Quickly you grab a pen and the closest item available that you can draw on.  Napkin, envelope, notepad, even the back of your hand.  A few quick lines showing just enough to get your idea out of your head and onto something tangible.

Jeffery Neal Engineering can help decipher your scribbles.  Much like the intangible ideas of the previous stage, we can help determine the feasibility of going forward with the idea or design.  Should that line have gone under instead of over?  What does this mark mean?  Is there more to this that needs to be added, or can some be taken away?  Quite often, this can be the final stage for a design, as reality intrudes enough to stop the idea in its tracks.  In the other cases, it can be the most exciting time.  Will this design work?  Can we make it mechanically sound?  Will it suit mass manufacture?

Jeffery Neal Engineering is here to answer your questions.  With 10 years experience in mechanical design, we would appreciate the challenge of taking your scribbled idea to a fully functioning complete product.