We all have ideas.  Some are viable, some are not.  A new system to help save the environment, a new product to keep drinks cold on a warm day.  Often what seems like a good idea on the day turns out to be not so good when thought is put into it, and sometimes bad ideas turn good the next day.  Sometimes it takes an independent mind to clarify things.

Jeffery Neal Engineering can be that independent mind.  We can let you know if there are any hidden engineering or design issues that would make the product unworkable.  Or suggest a simple change that may make it into a successful product.

Every idea that is discussed with Jeffery Neal Engineering is treated as a possible success until it is agreed otherwise by the customer.  All dealings are also treated in utmost confidence, and will not be passed on to 3rd parties.  Let us put your ideas to the test, and hopefully we can move on through the stages to a successful product.