From a line sketch, through design, prototyping and development, you now have a product ready for market.  From this point on, Jeffery Neal Engineering can assist you in getting those first few finished products bought and assembled, then setting up for mass production runs.

From sourcing suppliers to liaising with production managers, we have been there before.  Depending on the quantity and type of the product and components, those suppliers may be domestic or international, from small one-man operations to large multi-nationals.  Jeffery Neal Engineering is comfortable dealing with all of them, and would endeavour to find the most cost-effective solution for bringing your product to market.

This may be the end of the mechanical design cycle of developing your product, at which point Jeffery Neal Engineering will provide you with a complete set of manufacturing drawings, including both detailed production drawings and general assembly drawings.  Any and all technical information produced or received in the development of your product will also be included.  Your production department will have all it needs to continue to produce your product.

For ways in which we may be able to help you further, please see the section marked “Machine Design”.