You have a fully designed product, and want to bring it to the market to share with the world. This is an enviable position to be in, as it can be the start of a very profitable venture.  However, you most likely do not want to share the profits generated by your product with anybody who has not earned it.

This is where a patent application is important.  While entirely optional, it can serve a very good purpose, and will ensure your ownership of the product into the future.  Jeffery Neal Engineering has experience in providing the detailed drawings and bills of material necessary for a successful patent application, and a relationship with several patent attorneys to handle the legal documentation.

Patent applications need to have a completed design in order to be successful, showing how your design is original and what function it fulfils.  Jeffery Neal Engineering can take your initial design and quickly produce the types of drawings needed, complete with a labelled detail drawing and bill of materials.  Let Jeffery Neal Engineering help you to secure your future and protect your investment by letting us help you with you patent application.