As good as the 3D design is, and no matter the skill of the engineering, there is no more true test than to have a solid prototype of the product in question.  It can be used for sales demonstrations, to convince potential investors, and for preliminary testing.  And of course, it is always nice to see your ideas and dreams become real solid objects.

From a finished design, Jeffery Neal Engineering can produce fully detailed manufacturing drawings, suitable to send to tool rooms or machine shops for manufacture.  Tolerances, surface finish, material type, and hole notes are generated as standard, and isometric drawings are included to provide the machinist a view of the finished component.  We also include a general assembly drawing, with labelled components, showing how each part fits with the others.

Jeffery Neal Engineering has built up a number of contacts in the field, from machinists and assemblers to electricians and programmers.  We would be happy to provide the contact details or even coordinate them all if that is the customer's desire.