A prototype is by definition an undeveloped article. It is used to prove a theory, to demonstrate a process, and to provide a product quickly.  In almost all cases, the prototype is not the ideal finished product.  There may be rough edges or extra components, or maybe the product is determined to be missing something vital.  Often the issues are solely cosmetic or cost-based.

Jeffery Neal Engineering can take the prototype, and develop it into a more complete design.  We can round the corners, change fastener size and location, add on that missing component, or eliminate what is not needed.  We can determine whether the product cost can be brought down through different production methods or improved design.  Often the changes are minimal, but they can have great impact, taking a product from a rough prototype to a polished finished product.

Along with the development comes testing. Jeffery Neal Engineering has extensive experience in CE marking of new products, and where our experience does not apply, we have contacts with specialized testing and accrediting companies.  When thorough testing has been completed, an overview can be seen of possible failures of the product design.  These can then be designed out of the product, or left as being unlikely in the normal course of use.

Jeffery Neal Engineering can take these results and refine the mechanical design, so that the finished product has less teething issues upon release.  Let us do the testing, so that your customers do not have to.