Machine Design

The mechanical design of machinery is a vital part of production success.

Machine Design

Do you have:

  • A new product that needs automated assembly machinery?
  • An assembly line that is lacking sufficient jigs and fixtures?
  • Existing machinery that needs modification?

Jeffery Neal Engineering can help you.  With over 8 years specific experience in machine design, Jeffery Neal knows how to deliver.  From simple jigs and fixtures to fully automated production lines, he has designed and built automation machinery for companies across Ireland and internationally.

The mechanical design of machinery is a vital part of production success.  A well engineered jig, fixture, or automated machine can boost profits considerably, by keeping labour costs low, increasing capacity, and reducing errors.  Also, depending on the project, operator safety can be increased and repetitive motion injury decreased.

We are able to step into any or all phases of the process, to assist you when and where you require it. 

Existing Need

Have a product that needs assembling?

Concept Machine

Every project begins somewhere.

Design Review

No project is complete until the customer is happy.

Final Design

Concepts have been worked out, and reviews have been agreed upon.


You need to add something or create another step


Sometimes things just need to change.

Talk to us Today about your Engineering needs.

If you have an idea scribbled on a napkin that needs to be realized, or if you have existing automated machinery that needs an upgrade, we can help.